Glenorchy Tour Options with Private Discovery Tours

Paradise Valley set in the Glenorchy region is somewhat misnamed being such a scenic place surrounded by snow capped  mountains it is in fact named after our native New Zealand duck the Paradise Duck which breeds in large numbers in the region.

Most people visiting the area do not know that and they come to walk trails, jet boat with Dart River Safaris or take a Paradise Discovery Tour traveling across private property away from the crowds and beyond the locked gate to see LOTR movie location sights and the Hobbit locations from An Unexpected Journey and the Desolation of Smaug.

There is always something special about being on private property knowing that no one else is there to share it with you at that time…..unfortunately if you take the main access roads to Paradise you will encounter other tour operators and many rental car drivers searching for elusive sights amidst the road dust clouds. Hopefully they are driving on the correct side of the road when you meet them!


Take the time and talk to Private Discovery Tours we have options in the region with secluded picnic lunch sights overlooking Paradise, or walk trails to further elevated points for those lasting photographic memories.


Views from Mt Alfred LOTR Country
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