Queenstown in Winter 2013

Having just returned from a month away in Morocco and Turkey winter in Queenstown is a shock to the body in temperature and such a cultural contrast. Where does one begin….. so expect snippets of comparison through this post.


Queenstown is gearing up for a great winter ski season and the anticipated arrival of many Australians to sample the snow and Queenstown activities. Not everyone comes at this time of year for snow related activities and sometimes you may want a break for the day from those action packed mountain days to venture into backcountry trails to walk away from the crowds.

The Paradise Discovery tour accesses private property so you will see no other people as you soak in the peace and quiet walking a trail overlooking the Dart River where LOTR Isengard was filmed. This trail has a steady grade suitable for all levels of fitness, you will be surrounded by snow clad mountains getting to a panoramic view point that is surreal, one you never thought existed.

Refreshments, picnic lunch and further exploration of the Paradise Valley is a must for the afternoon before heading back to Queenstown to catch up with the rest of the family as they return from the slopes.

This region is such a huge contrast to this picture taken in the Mid Atlas mountains in Morocco, such a treeless dry environment.

The road of 1000 Kasbas
The Road of 1000 Kasbas










The next major event for Queenstown after Winter Festival is the Winter Games beginning 15th – 25 August. This is such a growing international event now with many participating countries coming to the Central Otago region. If you or your group want to take time out before or after please get in touch we have a number of options available.

Escape to the Glenorchy region for a day, walk some amazing trails into the mountains in this stunning region. Enjoy a hearty homestead lunch at Kinloch Lodge or a Dart River Jet boat trip to conclude the afternoon.

We can assist in planning together your excursion whether that be a day tour to Milford Sound or a half day venture to Glenorchy or take in some of the local sights around the Wakatipu Basin.

Our Berber guide Khalid seen below giving us his Karaoke version of a Moroccan tune…..I can’t promise the same thing in NZ for a Kiwi song .

To finish a quick mention of Turkey, wonderful country to visit we will have to go back there is so much to see and do. But a very poignant moment on Anzac Day spent in Morocco. As we traveled that day with 10 other Australians we all could not help but reflect on the significance of the contribution and loss incurred by allied forces in an attempt to invade Turkey.

Wild poppies were abundant in the spring as we were traveling so a compulsory roadside stop was in order, here is a shot of Belinda getting a close up of the flowers.

Anzac Day
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