The Road to Milford Sound

The Road to Milford
The Road to Milford

No matter what time of year you choose to travel to Milford Sound it will always be a memorable trip. The best  times  ( I think)  are the winter and spring months because the snow on the mountains adds to the grandeur and majesty of the region. Also there are not as many people traveling then, for the ultimate package consider spending more time on the journey into Milford with short walks and plenty of photo stops and then overnight at Milford Sound Lodge. The next day take an early Scenic Cruise to avoid the crowds and either fly back or return with your driver / guide back to Queenstown in the afternoon.

We can assist with your plans at any time of the year. Don’t hesitate to make plans now give us a call on +64 3 442 2299 or visit and send us an email for a price.

You will likely only ever visit Milford Sound once in your lifetime so get the most out of it! Call today…..

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