View Yellow Eyed Penguins with Private Discovery Tours

The scientific name of the yellow-eyed penguin is Megadyptes antipodes,which means a big diver from the southern lands (mega = big, dyptes = diver, antipodes = southern lands).

Its Maori name, hoiho (meaning noise shouter), was given because of its shrill call. An ancient Maori name for the yellow-eyed penguin was tavora.

Contrary to most people’s idea of a penguin habitat, there’s not an iceberg in sight. Instead this bird prefers the privacy of secluded nest sites scattered deep in the shade of southern New Zealand’s coastal forests, scrub or dense flax. Nests and roosting sites can be found up to one kilometre inland.

That’s not the only thing that makes this a most unusual penguin. Yellow-eyed penguins are the least social of all penguins. Very shy, they prefer to nest often well away and always out of sight of their neighbours.



Recently we were able to view Yellow Eyed Penguins on our Catlins Discovery Tour, these amazing penguins are such characters, strutting about, drying their wings off in the cool evening air and calling for their mates.

Their distinctive colouring makes them easily recognisable, and true to form in late afternoon when the sun is soon to disappear they emerge from the ocean cautiously considering their route home to nearby scrub cover.

Catching the last rays of sunshine before bed time ………

and waiting for hubby to come home.






I don’t know…he said he was coming straight home ?







Guess I will just check to see if I can see him coming…..







That’s it.. this is not the first time he’s gone off with the boys !!!

It really annoys me these days………………..






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