Environment and Sustainability Policy

Current Initiatives Undertaken

  • Improving our understanding by attending relevant workshops or guest speakers related to cultural, geographic and historical information.
  • Installing water flow restrictors to reduce water pressure for wash down and cleaning of motor vehicles.
  • Donating time and labour to reforestation in the Wakatipu region.
  • Improving our heritage knowledge, through dialog with local historians and find interesting and accurate excerpts from library records.

Environmental Sustainability

RD Tours Current Initiatives We are privileged to live in a beautiful environment. We aim to minimize the footprint of our business and that of you, our guests on that environment. At Private Discovery Tours we adopt a holistic approach to sustainability – we consider environmental, social, economic and cultural elements are all integral to our functioning.

We desire to “live the principles of Kaitiakitanga and Manaakitanga.” Kaitiakitanga – to look after the land, sea, air and living creatures Manaakitanga – mutual respect between hosts and visitors.

To minimize the impact of our operations:

  • All of our tour vehicles are serviced and regularly maintained to a high standard to minimize fuel consumption and carbon emissions.
  • We are in the process of evaluating the use of hybrid and electric vehicles for transport, when effective vehicles become available with carrying capacity we will be moving to low or zero emission vehicles for tour use.
  • All guides are trained in emission reducing driving techniques.
  • Efficient use of energy in our office, cold water wash down of vehicles and biodegradable cleaning product use.
  • We recycle all plastics, glass and paper and compost food waste to reduce the amount going into landfills.
  • Protect wildlife and natural habitats. We are aware of the sensitive environment that we interact with, off road we avoid crossing waterways where possible and disturbing fragile vegetation on high country trails.
  • We actively participate in the Wakatipu Reforestation Trust, assisting with planting and growing native plants for public spaces.
  • Educate and grow. Well informed driver guides are a crucial asset to our business success and the visitor experience. We train them and make customers aware of what we are doing and inform them how they can actively participate in our environmental initiatives.
  • We commit to legal compliance. Our business ensures compliance with relevant environmental legislation and regulations, and other requirements to which we subscribe.

RD Tours Current Initiatives

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