Photography or Agri Tours

Agricultural Topics

  • Sheep farming
  • Deer farming
  • Beef cattle farming
  • Dairy farming
  • Cereal crop and grass seed production
  • Spring agricultural and pastoral shows
  • Garden tours

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Please contact us direct for further information about our New Zealand agricultural or photography tours and tour reservations.

Photography or Agri Tours

Let us show you some of the most spectacular locations for photographers of all levels. Local landscapes in this region are recognised for their raw beauty, and huge contrasting views within relatively short distances to travel.

Agri Tours

Private Discovery Tours also specialises in tailor-made New Zealand agricultural tours of the South Island. Each Agri Tour varies in duration, location and content, depending on the specific interests and budget of each group.

New Zealand agricultural tours are ideal for the following groups:

Farmed Red Deer
Farmed Red Deer
  • Special agricultural student groups
  • Farmer or grower associations
  • Trade & technical groups
  • Agricultural academics
  • Industry study groups
  • Trade delegations
  • Farmers on holiday
Angus Cows
Angus Cows

Our New Zealand Farm tours offer an ideal opportunity to experience New Zealand farming systems, whilst meeting real New Zealanders. Through industry contacts, Agri Tours can:

  • access leading farms, agri-businesses, orchards and forests
  • provide specialist agricultural escorts and tour guides
  • structure tours that cover a broad range of agricultural topics
  • create itineraries that include sight-seeing and outdoor activities in the Queenstown and Southern Lakes region.
Hill Country farming
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